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We create complete Data Warehouses, implement modern Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, give you situational advice and support you during shortfalls. Thereby providing you with reports and analysis in real-time, and giving you a decisive step ahead of your competitors.

The Portfolio of alphaQuest

With our interdisciplinary consultant teams, you get the right solutions - regardless of the technology used. No matter whether it is Cognos, SAS, Oracle BI, Microsoft BI, SAP or Informatica, Hadoop, Tableau, R or Pentaho - alphaQuest is your partner!

And best of all: your Compliance and Purchasing teams will also welcome us. With service contracts, work contracts, on-site, off-site, or even personnel leasing (ANÜ), you get exactly the right solution that suits you, your company and your situation. Working with alphaQuest is easy, flexible and uncomplicated.

Data Warehouse

In the data warehouse, you collect all relevant data about your company. The data warehouse allows you to systematically analyze your company. On this basis, you can make the right decisions.
The data warehouse (DWH) integrates data from different formats and from various sources, for example, ERP and CRM systems, integrated supply chains and much more. With our reports and evaluations, users and decision-makers receive meaningful key figures. This kind of business intelligence makes business processes more profitable, and it makes customer and supplier relationships more efficient. Lower costs, more security and greater added value are the result.
In this area, alphaQuest employees with special know-how usually support big businesses and enterprises, or they can fill in when there are shortfalls or workload peaks in your BI department.

Data Management

Data management is a program for managing existing data. It has emerged against the background that an overwhelming majority of the data in companies is unstructured, and sometimes different departments define simple terms like "sales" differently. Improved and rapidly available information leads to increased productivity of employees, cost advantages and, typically, increases operating profit significantly. In addition, meta data management is a central aspect where information is documented such as age, history, version and data changes, which ensures timeliness, transparency and relevance.

Data Science

Data science combines numerous disciplines from data analysis and data management. The goal is to generate significant insights from large amounts of data and to derive recommendations for action that give companies a competitive advantage. For this purpose, deeper analytical procedures are used with advanced technologies within the scope of data processing and reporting.

Digital Experience

As an engine of technology and innovation, the gaming and consumer electronics industry has been driving developments in the IT sector for years: Faster processors, larger RAM and storage media, as well as powerful graphics cards are particularly in demand by gamers. And yet, this industry still has immense potential for innovation that can even benefit your company. And alphaQuest unlocks this potential for you.

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Career at alphaQuest

Become an alphaQuester!
We are looking for your sharp mind and strong communication skills. AlphaQuest offers you excellent possibilities for development with a secure work/life balance.

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About alphaQuest

We are a company driven to make the use of data easier and more user-friendly. For over 15 years, this has been our daily objective.

There are few partners with whom competence, customer orientation and flexibility are so closely connected.





Other Areas of Activity

Web & Mobile

We program and support Internet portals based on web technologies like PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML and CSS. In the past few years, we have added app development (HTML5, hybrid, Android, iOS). Our focus is on customization in the B2B area. For example, we develop apps to search for and set up via Bluetooth machines. Also, modern platforms such as Node.js, NoSQL and Meteor are also within our skill set.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Experience the technology-driven opportunity of the future. With Augmented Reality, at the point-of-sale, your customer gets individually configured products projected into virtual reality glasses and can import this into any environment. This means that the sports car with the selected equipment is already virtually placed in the entrance area of the car dealer, the limousine appears in the company car park, or the fleet purchase sees the truck on the depot. This allows, for example, automotive manufacturers to have flagship stores in shopping centers and inner cities – which is where your customers are moving.

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Software development

Numerous interfaces to different systems have resulted in software development complementing the portfolio of alphaQuest. Get support for both browser-based and individual software. Whether waterfall model or agile procedure with Scrum and Kanban - alphaQuest adapts to your environment.
We have expertise in: Java, Java8, Java Script, SQL, HTML, XML, APL, VBA, C / C ++, C #, .NET.

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Numerous implemented projects have resulted in a holistic consulting concept that takes the strategic dimension of Business Intelligence into account. For this reason, the management of alphaQuest is available for your project.

Service Desk

Your department expects uninterrupted availability and short response times? Our alphaQuest Service Desk relieves your project team and allows you to focus on the big issues.

7am – 6pm for certain, 24h availability possible
No risk of holiday or sickness

Advisory teams in Ulm and Berlin
Excellent communication skills
Project and corporate experience

1st, 2nd und 3rd level support
For all our technologies

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Dr. Christian Wagner
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